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‘One Among the Sleepless’ is Simon’s Groove Approved

November 22nd, 2009

This book–read as a podcast–is a rare, entertaining audio trip. Funny with some menace and action, One Among the Sleepless is well-voiced and dripping with personality. The author deserves a book deal. Or a talk show.

Check it out…One Among the Sleepless is Simon’s Groove Approved!

Who is the One? Is it Peter Reynolds, mild-mannered office clerk pouring petrol through his neighbour’s letterbox in the middle of the night? Is it Wayne Dolan, a man who discovers strange, unsociable uses for his own urine – and an even stranger desire for the lady upstairs with the whip? Or is it Dusty, a mysterious vagrant who views the world through a pair of 1966 Balorama wrap sunglasses?

Mick Nixon wants to find out, because people are disappearing. And if he and Sally are ever going to share more than just sandwiches, he’d better hurry up, or they could be next.

One Among the Sleepless is a novel set in a neighbourhood just like yours: noisy, angry, demented. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll throw it through your neighbour’s window tied to a house brick!

Visit the website to learn more:  One Among the Sleepless | mike bennett