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Episode 60: Most Eggnog

December 20th, 2013

Happy Christmas from the John and Yoko of the podcasting world. Okay, actually it’s more like the Lennon-McCartney. No, scratch that, we mean Abbot and Costello. No, wait–Martin and Lewis.

Trapper and Hawkeye?

Nevermind. Enjoy the show and Happy Holidays!

Yeah, that one is for you, Bill O’Reilly, ya pantload. War on Christmas, my ass.–Simon

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Music on the show: “Wish Background” by Kevin MacLeod (




Episode 51: Mostly Nothing

October 11th, 2013

Simon and @UnckelMike are finally over their Vegas hangovers as they sit in Squad, er, I mean episode 51.

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Music on the show:

37hz: Moonscape & Less Than Seven